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Tribeca Film Festival 2019 Dates, Tickets, Schedule, lineup, location and Submission

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tribeca film festival 2019

One of the most common film festivals held all over the world, the Tribeca Film Festival 2019 is very important festival in its own place held in order for a show of films. Not just films, but mostly positive reviewed and critically acclaimed films and movies. The festival makes it a chance for the producers and the directors to showcase their hard work to a wider category of audience. The film selections for the submissions occur in a wide category but the follow up to the small, independent and small budget films too. The Tribeca film festival 2019 is also known for its incredible amount of file submissions summed up to one of the biggest collections for screening.

Tribeca Film Festival 2019

The Tribeca film Festival got its roots in 2002 and was founded by Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro and Craig Hatkoff. It was held after in response to the attacks of September 11 on World Trade center. It gathered a lot of people along 1300 volunteers and with a huge 150,000 audience along with several caliber grade film makers and producers. Coming years bought more and more audience along with more refined grade of categories including independent feature films, short films, documentary films, premiers, music, comedy, family and lot more. The Tribeca Cinema which is an Art House named from 54 Varick Street was bought by De Niro for closed screening.


Prior to last year’s festival date and timing, that was just on a single month duration, this year’s timing spans for two months at a stretch. Not that the timing had increased but the duration is a bit unusual. This year Tribeca Film Festival 2019 will air  from Wednesday 24th April, 2019 to Sunday 5th May, 2019. A small duration of 12 days only, similar to 2018 airing. And from this time, the Festival will go on continuing till Sunday 5th of May.


Tribeca Film Festival mostly aires at New York and this year’s Festival is also going to be on the same location. Officially developed and created to be held on the Tribeca region. But the Tribeca Film Festivals aires on one of the boroughs of New York City mostly, in the neighbourhood of Tribeca in Manhattan.



This year’s Film lineup for the festival is huge as lots of new generation and the youngsters film makers and producers have entered into the business.

Check out for the complete Festival lineup here.


  • Burning Cane directed and written by Phillip Youmans, produced by Wendell pierce, Mose Mayer.
  • Gully directed by Nabil Elderkin, written by Marcus Guillory, produced by brad Feintein, Tom Butterfield.
  • Low tide directed and written by Kevin Mcmullin, produced by Brendan Mchugh, Kevin Rowie and others.
  • The Short History of the Long Road directed and written by Ani Simmon-Kennedy, produced by Kishori Rajan, Eddie Rubin.
  • Swallow directed and written by Carlo Mirabella-Davis, produced by Mollye Asher, Mynette Loiue.
  • Blow the Man Down directed, written by Danielle krudy, Bridget savage cole, produced by Drew Houpt, Alex Scharfman, Lia Buman.
  • Clementine directed and written by Lara Jean Gallagher, Produced by Aimee Lynn Bamberburg, Davis Priestly.
  • Initials SG (iniciales SG) written and directed by Rania Attieh, Daniel Garcia, produced by Ivan Eibuszyc, Shruti Ganguly.
  • The Place of no words written and directed by Mark Webber, produced by Dustin Hughes, Teresa Palmer.
  • Stray Dolls directed, written and produced by sonejuhi Sinha, Charlotte rabit and Edward Parks(producer only).

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  • 17 Blocks directed by Davy Rothbart, written by Jennifer Tiexiera, produced by Alex Turtletaub, Michael B.
  • For what they know not what they do directed, written and produced by Danielle Karslake along with Nancy Kennedy.
  • Mystify: Michael Hutchence directed and written by Richard Lowenstein, produced by Maya Gnp, John Battsek.
  • Recorder: The marion Stokes Project directed by Matt wolf, produced by Kylie Martin, Andrew Kortschak.
  • Scheme Birds directed and written by Ellen Fiske, EllinorHalin, produced by Mario Adamson, Ruth Ried.
  • Watson directed by Leslie Chilcott, produced by Lousie Runge, LEsley chilcott.
  • Dog Doc directed and produced by Cindy Meehi, produced by Alice Henty.
  • Leftover Woman directed, written and produced by Shoshslam, HillaMedallia.
  • Our Time Machine directed by Yang Sun, directed written and produced by S. Leo chiang.
  • Rewind directed by Sasha Joseph Neulinger, produced by thomas Winston.
  • Seahorse written, directed and produced by Jeanie Finlay along with Andrea Cornwell.


  • Aamis written and directed by Bhaskar Hazarika, produced by Poonma Deol
  • Flawless directed and written by Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit, produced by Osnat Handelsman keren, Moshe Edery.
  • The Gasoline Theives (Huachicolero) directed by Edgar Nitto, written by Alfredo Mendoza, produced by Victor Leycegui, Annick Manhert.
  • FLesh out directed and written by Michela Occhipinti, produced by Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa.
  • Noah Land(Nuh Tepesi) directed and written by Cenk Erturk, produced by Alp Erturk, Sevki Tuna Erturk.
  • House of Hummingbird(Beol-Sae) directed and written by Bora Kim, Produced by Zoe Sua Cho, Boira kim.
  • Roads directed and written by Sebastian Schipper, produced by David Keitsch.
  • Run directed and written by Scott Graham, produced by Margaret Matheson, Ciarra Barry.
  • A Regular Woman (Nur Eine Frau) directed by Sheey Hormann, written by Florian Oeller, produced by Sandra Maischberger.


  • American Woman directed and written by Semi chellas, produced by Christina Piovesan, Pamela koffler.
  • Charlie says directed by Marry Haron, written by Guinevere Turner, produced by Cindi Rice, John Frank.
  • DreamLand directed by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, written by Nicolaas Zwart, produced by Brad Friestein, Margot Robbie.
  • GeorgeTown directed by Christoph waltz, written by David Aubum, produced by Brad Friestein, Andrew Levitas.
  • The Kill Team directed  and Written by Dan Krauss, produced by adreina Guerra, Issac Klausner.
  • Only directed and written by Takashi Doscher, produced by EyalRimmon, Gabrielle Pickle.
  • Safe Places directed and written by Daniel Schechter, produced by Courtenay johnson, lawrence greenberg.
  • Skin directed and written by Guy Nattiv, produced by Oren Moverman, jaime ray newman.
  • Standing Up, Falling Down directed by Matt Ratner, Written by Peter Hoare, produced by Chris Mangano, Matt Ratner.
  • Plus one directed and written by jeff chan, Andrew Rhymer, produced by Jeremy Reitz, Debbie Liebling.
  • Good Posture directed and writtenb by dolly wells, produced by adrian guerra, issac Klaunser.
  • Extremely Wicked, Shickingly Evil and Vile directed by Joe Berlinger, written by Michael werwie, produced by Michael Costigan, Nicholas Chartier.
  • Crown Vic directed and written by Joel Souza, produced by Anjul Nigam, Gregg Bello, Alec baldwin.


  • After Parkland directed and written by Emily taguchi, Jake Lefferman, produced by Emily Taguchi, Steven Baker.
  • Devil’s Pie directed and written by Carine Bijlsma, produced by Mira Mendel, Rene Mendel, Julia Nottingham and team.
  • Framing John DeLorean directed by
    Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce, written by Dan Greeney and Alexandra Orton for Narrative scenes. Produced by TamirArdon, Nick
    Spicier, Don Argott.
  • Dominican Dream Directed by Jonathan Hock, produced by Phil Aromando, Alex Evans.
  • Halston directed and written by Frederic Tcheng, produced by Roland Ballester, Stephanie
  • A Kid from Coney Island directed and written by chikeOzah and Coodie Simons, produced by Nina yang, Bongiovi, Forest Whitaker.
  • Lll’ Buck: Real Swan directed and written by Louiss Wallecan, produced by Victor Lech, Crayton Jr Armmer, Lil’ Buck
  • Maiden directed and written by Alex Holmes, produced by Victoria Gregory and Alex Holmes.
  • Picture character directed by Martha Shane, Ian cheney, produced by Jennifer, Lee, Ian Cheney.
  • Nomad : In the footsteps of Bruce Chatwin directed and written by Werner Herzog.
  • The Quiet One directed by Oliver Murray, produced by Jennifer Corcocan, Jamie Clark.
  • A Taste of Sky directed by Michael Yuchen Lei, Produced by Andrew F Renzi.
  • Whats my name | Muhhamad Ali directed by Antoine Fuqua, written by Steven Leckart, produced by Sean Stuart.
  • Sublime directed by Bill Guttentag, written and produced by Bill Guttentag and Nayeema Raaza.


  • All I can Say directed by Danny Clinch, Taryn Gould, Colleen Henessey, produced by Lindha Narveez, Sam Gursky.
  • 37 seconds directed and written by Hikari, produced by Shin Yamaguchi, Hikari.
  • Circus of Books directed and written
    Rachael Mason, produced by Rachael Mason, Cynthia Childs.
  • Changing the Game directed and written by Michael Barnett, produced by Clare Tucker.
  • CRSHD directed and written by Emily Con, produced by same, Jennifer George.
  • Goldie directed and written by Sam de Jong, produced by Luca Borghese, Ben Howe.
  • Lost Bayou directed by Brian C miller Richard, written by Nick Lavin,Hunter Burke, produced by Kenneth Reyonds.
  • A Day in the life of America directed and Produced by JAred Leto, Emma Ludbrook.
  • Lucky Grandma directed by Sasie Seally, written by Angela cheng, produced by krista paris, Cara MArcous.
  • Pearl directed by Elsa Amiel, written by same and Laurant Laurieviere, produced by Bruho Nahon, Caroline Nataf.
  • One child Nation directed and produced by Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang.
  • Plucked directed by Joel Van Haren, written by Chris James Thompson, produced by Joel Van Haren, Ryan Thompson.
  • Two/One directed and written by Juan Cabral, produced by Chris Clark, Flora Fernandez MArengo.

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  • Driveways, directed by Andrew Ahn, written by Hannah Bos, produced by Celine Rattray, Trudie styler.
  • This is not Berlin (Esto no esBerlin), directed by Hari Sama, written by Rodrigo Ordonez, MAx Zuino.
  • The Weekend, directed and written by Stella Maghie, produced by same, stephanie allain.
  • American Factory, directed by steve bognar, Julia Reichart, produced by Jeff Reichert, Julia Parker Benelio.
  • In Fabric, directed and written by peter strickland, produced by Andy Stark.


  • Bliss, directed and written by Joe Begos, produced by Joe Begos, Graham Skipper.
  • Knives and Skin, directed and written by Jennifer Reeder, produced by brian Hieggelke, Jan Hieggelke.
  • You dont Nomi, directed and written by Jeffrey Mchale, produced by Ariana Garfinkel, Suzanne Zionts.
  • Something Else, directed by jeremy gardener and Christian Stella, written by jeremy gardner, produced by david lawson.
  • Come to Daddy, directed by Ant Timpson, written by Toby Harvard, produced by Laura Tunstall, Daniel Berkeman.


  • Martha, directed and written by selina Miles, produced by daniel joyce,
  • The Projectionist, directed by Abel Ferrara, produced by Christos V Konstantakopoulos, Joshua Blum.
  • Other Music, directed by puloma Basu, produced by puloma basu, Rob Hatch Miller.


  • Earth Break: A Few Suggestionsfor Survival, with Additional Hints and Tips about how to make yourself more comfortable during the alien apocalypse., directed by Aaron Katz, produced by April Lamb.
  • I AM HUMAN, directed, produced and written Elena Gaby and Taryn southern.
  • Linda Ronstadt : The sound of my Voice, directed by Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Freidman, produced by James Keach, Michele Farinola.
  • The REmix: Hip HOP X Fashion, directed by Lisa cortes, Farah X, produced by Lisa Cortes.
  • Slay the Dragon, directed and produced by Barak Goodman, Chris Durance.


The Tribeca Film Festival 2019 will be launching out of the tickets for the event and you can book them even now if you want. There are 16 packages, 8 package, even a full grade entry MAtinee pass (priced higher) with no bondaries. The pricing goes in this fashion, Tribeca talks and immersive is $40, Cinema360 costs just $15 along with matinee screenign at $12. Beacon theatre events tickets passes are starting from $46 and above.

Full evening and weekend is for $24 (for all sorts of screenign at all days). Free passes include the MAster class panels and free film friday. There is also a Huge HUDSON pass of $1250 with all benefits for the full event and till the end including for one access to all events and screenings. The hudson pass also includes a food and a party along with lounges facility.


This time, the Tribeca Film Festival will also include a Critics week which is the first time ever for the festival. It wil be held alongside the program simultaneously. The initial schedules for the festival is similar to that of the previous years, the event will be starting from 24th April and continue till 5th May. It wil showcase the live events of gaming and VR with movies too along with TV.

The pre dates for the submissions of the files will be open from the 20th of April for all sorts of entertainment categories, taking from gaming, 3D immersement, virtual and Reality along with AR (Augemented Reality) and well grade entertainment .

The side event of the critics will also be held for making the event more fun. Popular critics including Eric Kohn, K Austin Collins, Bilge Ebiri, Alison Willmore and lot others.

Award competitions will also be expanded by Tribeca for all sorts of entertainment genres including short film, legth film, VR, AR.

Tribeca will also feature the popular female award for this year too, the 7th annual Nora Ephron award, which will be again given to a female director with exceptional vision for movie making and visualization. Similar grade awards would be given to the near grade documentary makers in the young generation to honor their creativity.


The Tribeca Film Festival event is going live on 24th of May in this year and the film file submissions date is near. It is set on 20th of May on from which the submissions will be accepted on regular before 24th. The file are to be submitted and sent in required formats as depicted. The fees have been already announced and the film categories have been defined in detail along with the regulations below in brief.


Open for feature narrative for 40 min for longer films that have not been screened anywhere else at all in accordance with Tribeca Fil Festival 2019. The submitted file should not have any sort of public screening or distribution for media sales.


Open for short narrative of 40 min or longer narrative, strong, imagination, experimental films that have not been screened or distributed or shown anywhere in the city of New York at all in accordance with Tribeca Fil Festival 2019. The film also cannot have any public release.


Open to all of 40min or more length feature documentary films that have not been screened to the public or any screening session or anywhere in accordance with Tribeca Film Festival.


Open to all sorts of short length documentary films (under 40 min) that have not been distributed or telecasted or shown anywhere else in accordance with the Tribeca Film Festival.


Open to all sorts of under 40 min short animation films that have not been screened anywhere in the public or distributed or broadcasted anywhere in New York in accordance with the Tribeca Film Festival.


Open to all sorts of combinations projects including broadcast television type, and streaming including independent made series, shows, pilors, web series, which have not been shown anywhere in the city of New York or anywhere near in accordance with the Tribeca Film Festival.


Open to all sorts of immersive projects including virtual reality projects, augmented reality programs, 360degree films, mobiles apps, games, web projects, gaming sessions, multimedia installations, included with some interactive and entertaining element, which have not been screened or broadcasted anywhere in accordance with the Tribeca Film Festival.


Open for all sorts of scripted documented works and projects for films, TV, Web, social, VR/AR/360 degree/ CGI specific, in both feature and short length films with a fine and intuitive story telling element in all of them.



The Tribeca film Festival 2019 event is going live on 24th of April, 2019 and will continue up till 5th of May date. This time new side events are being announced for more entertainment and expanding the categories of the screenings along with involvement of the new technologies including VR, AR, gaming, next gen visuals and vision. Alongside critically positive films will be screened out for the incoming audience. Tribeca is also holding aside critics event solely for the critics themselves. The file submissions date has been announced and given out in the official website.


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